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Shenanigans is the home of Sam Tubbax, founder of the radical school of thought now known as Technovisiotivity™. Technovisiotivity™ states that through a synergetic creative vision the future can be technology today.

The idea of Technovisiotivity™ came to Sam while attending university at age 5, roughly at the same time he invented both the internet and general relativity. Of course his work was so revolutionary at the time he was dismissed as too brilliant and mostly shunned by his peers.

Over his career he has received 17 nobel prizes spanning several categories, 3 oscars and a lifetime achievement award from the international botanical society.

Don't look any of this up. He beat the Google Algorithm in a game of chess in 2014 and it's still bitter about it.

Making the Future Better

Together On The Internetter

Today Sam works as a webdeveloper on a diverse range of projects and is available for freelance work.

It is Shenanigans' philosophy that it is not the technology that matters, but what that technology does. Sam's skills include, but are not limited to: PHP (favoring the Laravel framework or the Kirby CMS), Processing (java), Node.js/Javascript, (S)Css...

Over the years we've worked with companies and entities like VRT, Woestijnvis, De Lijn, Microsoft, Mortierbrigade, Eastpak, KDG Hogeschool and many many others

Services include Front-end/Back-end Webdevelopment, Devops, graphic design,... A full list of the range of services and their associated fees, as well as an extended portfolio is available by request.
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Sam can usually telepathically tell when you would like to work with him, so there's no need for email or phonecalls.

But just in case there's too much interstellar radiation-interference you can email him at

Thank you for your attention.

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